Opportunity Is Knocking

When opportunity knocks…..you answer the door.  Consider this…..the knock from opportunity.  A once in a lifetime chance has just like that….once in a lifetime.  Christopher Daniels has decided to part with two of his most cherished pieces in ring, used gear.

First up is the very robe that Daniels wore during several ROH episodes and TNA Impacts, and more notably during TNA’s No Surrender PPV of 2009 and ROH Supercard Of Honor V from 2010.

In addition, Daniels will include an AUTOGRAPHED copy of ROH Supercard Of Honor V.  And if you would like, Daniels will personally autograph your robe as well.






Here’s the link to the auction:http://cgi.ebay.com/Fallen-Angel-Ring-worn-wrestling-robe-/280674508875?pt=US_Solo_Sports_Fan_Shop&hash=item415981204b#ht_500wt_1361


Our second item for sale is a pair of Christopher Daniels’ ring worn shorts.  These shorts have been worn on several ROH TV episodes, as well as episodes of TNA Impact.  More notably, you will see Daniels wearing these during the TNA Destination X PPV from 2010 and ROH’s “Richards vs. Daniels” event from October of 2010.


In addition, you will receive of an AUTOGRAPHED dvd copy of “Fate Of An Angel” from ROH 11/13/10.   Even the cover of this awesome dvd will feature Christopher Daniels dawning these exact shorts.  And of course, upon request, Daniels will autograph your shorts.


Here is the link to this auction:



Folks, an opportunity like this only comes around once…..or in this case, twice.  An opportunity to own a little piece of Christopher Daniels and wrestling history.  Your chance to become “Heaven Sent….Hell Bound.”