Fortune Victorious, AJ Styles Return, Daniels Flys!
















The Fortune 4…….becomes The Fortune 5!  Christopher Daniels led his troops into TNA Lockdown 2011 and led them out…  Fortune defeated Team Immortal, led by the legendary Ric Flair.  In the main event, Fortune took it to each member of Immortal leaving them bloody, battered and brutal.

But before the victory was sealed, the highlight of the night came when Christopher Daniels lived up to his moniker, The Fallen Angel.  From high atop the roof of the cage, Daniels and Matt Hardy battled.  Hardy escaped for a moment and was able to climb down the side of the cage.  But before he could make it to safety, Christopher Daniels took to the heavens leaping from the top of the cage to the arena floor atop both Matt Hardy and Abyss.  The Cincinnati crowd leaped to their feet with a resounding shock and awe, followed by cheers and claps.


In addition, AJ Styles made his return to TNA following a savage beatdown at the hands of Bully Ray.  Styles exacted his revenge on the bully from New York and helped secure the victory for Fortune.  AJ, Daniels, Beer Money and Kaz all celebrated in the ring to close the show.


Now the question arises has the Fortune 4 become the Fortune 5?  Stay tuned.