Christopher Daniels Thanks His Fans With Another Opportunity

Folks, yesterday here on Heaven Sent, Hell Bound we brought you exciting news concerning a rare opportunity….a chance of a lifetime.  Well, in less than 24 hours….YES, you heard me right!  In less than 24 hours, both Christopher Daniels’ robe and in ring worn shorts SOLD!   Congratulations to both winners!  Your items will be shipping out shortly.  We hope you enjoy them as much as The Fallen Angel has, in performing with them.  THANK YOU!


Now with that being said, The Fallen Angel has decided that opportunity needs to knock at your door once again.  Now presenting a second set of auctions!

Up first, is a pair of in ring gear!  The VERY pair of in ring shorts that Daniels wore during his epic battle with Jay Lethal at TNA Bound For Glory 2007.  The tights can, by winner’s, request be signed by Daniels.

In addition, a FREE 8×10 of The Fallen Angel wearing these very tights will be autographed and included in the auction.

Two of the all time greats of the TNA X Division, Bound For Glory 2007…..your chance to own history.



Our second auction is also for a pair of in ring worn gear.  We are talking about the shorts that Christopher Daniels dawned to do battle with one of the ALL TIME GREATS……”The Icon” STING!  At TNA’s Slammiversary 2007, we witnessed a war pitting Icon vs. Fallen Angel.

Now is your chance to own the very shorts that Christopher Daniels wore on this monumental night.  Slammiversary 2007…..Scorpion Against Angel. Your chance to own this piece of history is here.

And of course, the winner of this auction will have the option to have these hand signed by Daniels, himself.  A signed 8×10 of Christopher Daniels will also be included to the winning bidder.

Yesterday, I said those auctions were a once in a lifetime chance.  I was wrong.  By the grace of The Fallen Angel we have TWO NEW chances.  Opportunity knocked yesterday and two very lucky fans ran to answer the door.  Will you be the next lucky fan to open the door to wrestling history?