Christopher Daniels Partners Up With Renegade Roasting Company

Renegade Roast

To all my fans and followers, greetings & salutations, and thanks for all your support! Because you guys are great, I wanted to introduce you to a company that not only makes a quality product, but also makes a difference in society. The Renegade Roasting Company makes the ORIGINAL pre-workout drink and an outstanding way to start your day… COFFEE! But not just any coffee, they’ve studied and perfected coffee. Their coffee is grown traditionally, pesticide-free, picked on site and roasted by hand, which helps retain antioxidants and maximizes the amount of caffeine. Within 4 hours of roast, they’ll ship the coffee directly to your door. Plus, through their partnership with Generosity Water, they¬†help build wells in villages that have no access to drinkable water, giving aid to the 1 BILLION people that need clean water. Each bag of Renegade Roasting coffee you purchase will provide 1 person in need with clean water for 2 years. And best of all… it’s a GREAT cup of coffee! Click on the banner to set up an account, and Renegade Roasting Co. can send you coffee every two, four, or six weeks! It’s a great way to start your day, and also give back to those in need! 100% Fallen Angel APPROVED!”